I'm Jamie Sue Austin - Creative Media Consultant

I create ideas, text, and images for business and promotional use, project management, plan events, and design works of art and craft.

I put ideas in motion.

I assist with writing business plans and grants, designing graphics and logos, creating presentations, building informational websites, and promoting ideas via social media using memes, graphics, and short videos. I help write and publish e-books and e-comics. When adventurous, budding, entrepreneurs or creators are confused on how to organize their systems, what forms to file, or what software to use, I walk them through their choices.  When business owners face burn-out, I breathe new life back into their organization.

Start something new

Still not sure what I do?

I do a little bit of everything. Let me show you!

Meet Sarah, she's my imaginary client for this exercise.

Sarah wants to start a small business in her neighborhood that sells ice cream from horse drawn carts. She doesn't know if she has a good idea or how to get started.

Here's how I will help her...


Sarah has a ton of great ideas! I'm going to help her pick out the best and outline how she puts them in action.

I'll help her discover her market and her potential reach, rules and regulations for her industry, potential vendors and partners, and help her write her business and marketing plans.

I'll put her in contact with other professionals I know that I think might be able to help her. I'll advocate for her ideas in various professional and social settings.

 I'll give her my honest opinions based on my past experiences and let her make informed choices in her business planning.


Now that Sarah knows what she wants to do, and the budgets she will have to adhere to, we're going to work together to create her brand identity, plan her future company's culture, build her first company website, and create her first company social media presences.

Together, we will take photos, write articles, make memes and create a library of content that is in line with her brand. She can remix and share this content later. 

If Sarah needs help creating company documentation (such as employee handbooks and job descriptions), I'll be there to give her a hand.  


Sarah's new ice cream businesses is fully imagined and has completed business and marketing plans.
She is listed online in all the right places and we can find her on major search engine. There is plenty of content in the company library for future social media postings.

Sarah now needs customer management and sales systems. She needs payroll and H.R. systems. She needs to load her existing records into these systems and link them together.

I will help her find the best software solutions available on her budget. 


Because I just adore a party, I'm going to help Sarah organize her first sales or promotional event! I'm going to help her determine budget, the venue, the decorations, the entertainment, and the food. Not only does it help get the word out about Sarah's new ice cream business, it let's us celebrate all our hard work.

Sarah should celebrate! She has a full set of tools to get started with her new business! She deserves a party for all her hard work.

Later, as Sarah's business grows, she can call me to help her build and promote more sales campaigns and events. I'll know her and her business better than anyone else.


My full name with no spaces @ Gmail